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November 11, paves the way for other companies not yet brave or hip enough to catch on to DOT.WS Name., a new online high-end boutique, adopts the domain as part of its marketing strategy. Eager to be a one of the first break out companies with the domain, launched its new online boutique this November in Los Angeles, CA.

The boom is just getting underway and is starting to have a global impact on business, and marketing. Inc., Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines have all written that is poised to replace the commonly known suffix. Realizing this current market condition, has begun to position itself as one of the first nationally recognized Website with the suffix. While many people are not yet familiar with the new domain name, others are taking full advantage of the new suffix. One such company is GDI. Global Domains International, Inc., ( based in Carlsbad, CA, has been named one of America's entrepreneurial growth leaders by Inc magazine, which released its Inc 500 ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies.

Growth in the "web site" domain namespace is stronger on a percentage basis than domain names, and is banking on the uniqueness of the name to garner the attention of potential online shoppers to its stylish e-boutique. However, their distinguishing qualities don't end their. in itself is all together a uniquely different online shopping experience. The boutique offers one of kind objects and unique products of beauty and function from around the globe. Adding to this, the company employs a probable, but different business model which subsidizes selects charity groups. has pledge to donate ten percent of it's annual revenue to select charities that tackle children's and women's issues, arts and education, and inner city youth.

To further bring awareness to its online boutique, plans to deliver swanky and clever PR campaigns that will initially target L.A.'s elite and the media. One such concept is to launch a fleet of stylish silver Vespa scooters that will haul mobile billboards around the city. The two sided billboards will house well lit advertisements that will surely gain the attention of any driver or pedestrian in key geographic areas. What makes this a great form of advertising, besides the fact that a scooters are hauling mobile billboards, is the fact that the scooters are very versatile. Their multipurpose functionality allows them to go places you would never imagine. The scooters can park on sidewalks, travel up and down boardwalks, and even travel indoors under the right conditions.

As a Web based company, naturally will coordinate online marketing initiatives to promote itself, but the company is also integrating offline marketing activities to bring awareness to its brand.

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